About Us

Like all good ideas, the Lost Coast Harbor series was inspired by a round of margaritas. Or three. One sunny spring afternoon, Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes met at a Mexican restaurant in midtown Sacramento. After the first margarita, Eve leaned forward and declared “We should write a series together!”

An hour later, Lily replied, with the kind of certainty one only feels after three margaritas, “Small town noir meets Peyton place!” Eve might have added something about an anthropomorphic gargoyle, but that could have been the tequila talking.

To their surprise, the next day they still liked their plan. Over several months and many meetings, both with and without margaritas, they began to flesh out the world of Lost Coast Harbor.

The original plan was to jointly work on the books under one name. That went awry when they discovered they were drawn to some characters and stories more than the other person. Next, they planned to plot each book in detail, but that was quickly scuppered when Lily proved pathologically incapable of sticking to an outline.

Eventually, they settled on writing their own books within the shared world of Lost Coast Harbor. They worked together to build the town and figure out tricky plot points, then retreated to their respective caves to write the individual books. Eve and Lily rely on Facetime and a much-abused Slack connection to help each other through the tough patches and ask important questions like “Is there a good reason I can’t name a character Zebulon?” and “You don’t mind if I blow up a building you planned to use, right?”

The end result is that they’re both writing partners and fans, as they get to enjoy the twists and turns in each other’s work the same as their readers. Lily takes the odd-numbered books and Eve handles the even ones, but they both love playing in this world and plan to do so for many years to come.

And if they ever run out of ideas, there are always more margaritas.